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help kids develop even outside of the classroom.

Kids struggle with school both in and out of the classroom.


 Sometimes it's obvious. Sometimes it's not. 

It's up to us to be proactive and be there for them before problems arise.

Virtual Programming

Our FREE program that's available to everyone!

Our modern approach to programming is known for a range of benefits including:

  • Reducing bullying and behavioural issues

  • Improving physical health with activity

  • Improving mood & mental health

  • Developing leadership skills

  • Creating connections between children of different backgrounds

  • Providing a necessary outlet for creativity, play, and imagination which can reduce restlessness during class time



Free. Accessible. Fun

→ We basically packed up our In-School Program and put it online!

→ With 5 core modules that touch on leadership, inclusion, sportsmanship, communication, and conflict resolution, we are able to help schools across Canada implement our program with the click of a button.

→ We even added a parent/guardian piece so that our lessons can be taught at home as well. With a new module added every month, schools can keep the program fresh and spark it over and over again.

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Make an impact anywhere, any time.

This virtual program is perfect for providing high-quality programming to anyone at any time.

All that's needed is an Internet connection and you can access all our benefits for FREE!

Today's children are tomorrow's leaders.
It's up to us!

Get to know us by the numbers.

Of schools request us back the next year

Increase in Social Confidence in the classroom

Increase in Leadership Skills

Increase in Social Inclusion
on the playground

Decrease in negative
on the playground

We're more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

Feel free to contact us here.

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