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Empower Youth through Play with Recess Champions

Recess Champions empowers children in grades 4, 5 & 6 to become meaningful movement ambassadors within their school.

Create a more active, inclusive and safe schoolyard during recess!

Do you face these challenges during recess at your school?

Bullying & Conflict

  • Recess periods sometimes provide opportunities for bullying, teasing, or student conflicts. 

  • Providing fun and engaging activities at recess can help diminish the negative incidents.

Exclusion & Isolation

  • For kids who struggle with social interactions or feel excluded, recess can be a challenging time.

  • Recess Champions plays a positive role in helping children make connections with peers by encouraging them to participate in the activities.


Limited Play Options

  • Without a variety of engaging play options, students may lose interest, leading to decreased physical activity and potential behaviour issues.

  • Providing children with fun games and leadership skills will encourage children to be more active during recess time.


Engagement & Participation

  • Active participation in games and play during recess can be a struggle, especially for students who are less interested or feel self-conscious about their abilities.

  • Applying diverse leadership approaches and having Recess Champions lead recess activities benefits everyone involved, creating a win-win for your school.

Activate Tomorrows Leaders on the playground


Welcome to Recess Champions, the groundbreaking leadership program that empowers children in grades 4, 5 & 6 to become ambassadors of physical activity and fair play during their school's recess periods.


At Recess Guardians, we believe that every child has the ability to be a leader when given the right opportunity.


By participating in the program, your Recess Champions will learn about different leadership styles and have the opportunity to develop these skills by organizing and leading active games for students during recess. 

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It only takes us a short amount of time to make a...
Big  Impact.

Start to make a long-lasting change in just one day!


We take pride in developing a peer-to-peer leadership program that aims to continue throughout the school year and beyond

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Our Three Pillars



Through dynamic activities and guided experiences, we empower children to take charge, make decisions, and inspire their peers. The skills they develop here are not limited to recess; they become the bedrock of their future success, fostering a generation of trailblazers who excel in every facet of life.


Physical Literacy

Our carefully curated activities go beyond mere play; they instill fundamental movement skills, coordination, and agility. We believe that by mastering these skills early on, children will build competence, confidence and motivation to be active throughout their lives.


Fair Play

We teach young leaders how to create an environment where every child is valued and included. Fair play is the cornerstone of strong relationships, building a foundation for lifelong connections and contributing to a school culture that radiates inclusivity and unity.

Get to know us by the numbers.

Of schools request us back the next year

Increase in Social Confidence in the classroom

Increase in Leadership Skills

Increase in Social Inclusion
on the playground

Decrease in negative
on the playground

Elevate your school's recess experience with Recess Champions.

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