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Help Empower The Next Generation of Kids

Creating a generation of strong, confident and resilient leaders who will help create a better future!

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Building Confident Leaders through Play

They are facing new challenges that are negatively impacting their physical, social and mental wellbeing.

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Challenges Facing The Next Generation

➜   21% of kids get the recommended amount of unorganized play each day

➜ 3.8 Million  is the amount of calls and texts Kids Help Phone reported in 2020, which doubled from the previous year

➜  1 in 2  Canadian parents/guardians report their child has been a victim of bullying

Kids today are facing more stress and anxiety than ever before. Bullying has become more prevalent both online and in-person and physical inactivity has become the norm. With all these things happening, kids are losing confidence at a rapid rate and are feeling hopeless about the future.


Recess Guardians is working to make kids believe in themselves again. 

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 What teachers are saying

Fun, Simple and Active Programs:
At Recess Guardians, we take pride in providing programming that works to empower youth and discover the leader in them. With over 13 years in the industry, we have created fun and effective programming that promotes inclusion and fair play.


said Recess Guardian's increased leadership skills in their youth


said our program increased the confidence level in the leaders


said Recess Guardian's increased social inclusion on the playground


said that our program leads to greater cooperation in both the classroom and on the playground

How We Can Work Together


Our Programs and Products

We have a variety of options to help empower youth and initiate fun at school and at home


Sponsors and Donors

Be part of an extraordinary group of donors and sponsors who are passionate about helping kids reach their full potential

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"Working at a diverse school I see first-hand how this program helps build a community of active young students who want to play at recess."

“Anna-Lise Hodgins, Teacher”

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