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Help your kids all your round.

Kids struggle with school both in and out of the classroom.


 Sometimes it's obvious. Sometimes it's not. 

It's up to us to be proactive and be there for them before problems arise.

active8 Play Kits for Summer

Don't leave kids restless during the summer months. We've got you!

Our active8 kits have a wide range of benefits including:

  • Improving physical health with activity

  • Developing their problem-solving skills

  • Keeping kids out of trouble during summer months

  • Providing a necessary outlet for creativity, play, and imagination which can reduce restlessness during class time

  • Improving mood & mental health



We do kids get up to in the summer?

Over the years, we have been so fortunate to work with thousands of kids over the school year. This got us thinking though, what do they get up to in the summer? With this in mind, we created active8 Your Summer!

This box program is similar to the School box, but this time we made it more focused on smaller groups, or even individual games and activities. Each box contains equipment and programming for 2 months and can be played by 1 person or more. The games are very specific for the summertime and will get kids more active and outdoors. We also have different games that will allow an entire group of kids, or a family, to play with one another and create positive memories.

The programming is done so that adults don’t have to help at all. The kids should be able to just open up the box, grab the equipment and programming, and go outside!

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No Child Left Behind.

We often focus so much on the school year that we forget to engage our kids during the summer months.

Oftentimes, the child is at the mercy of family situations and can't have access to stimulating activities. 

Our active8 kits solve that

Today's children are tomorrow's leaders.
It's up to us!

Get to know us by the numbers.

Of schools request us back the next year

Increase in Social Confidence in the classroom

Increase in Leadership Skills

Increase in Social Inclusion
on the playground

Decrease in negative
on the playground

We're more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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