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Recess Guardians is very excited to launch a brand new FREE program for elementary schools across Canada. We have taken our in-school, leadership program and put it online so that you can do it at your own pace. 

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The program includes


Video modules that will empower your youth through games and activities at school while maintaining social distancing

Teacher-to-teacher communication and discussion boards

Resources for teachers and parents/guardians to engage their youth in different ways

Ongoing challenges every Monday throughout the school year

This virtual program is meant to develop leadership skills and confidence in youth through play and physical activity, while maintaining social distancing. It is more important than ever to get youth to socialize, have fun and play together.  By signing up, you will get to interact with other like-minded individuals, and learn not only from the Recess Guardians instructors, but from each other as well. We want to develop a community that can support one another and build each other up. 
Sign up below by clicking on the appropriate program and get started today!


Sign up below by clicking on the appropriate program and get started today!

The Brands

If you are interested in learning more about the active8 Box as well, visit for more information.


Since 2008, Recess Guardians has been serving schools across Canada and transforming recess time. To date, we have reached more than 700 schools and 400,000 students with our unstructured play programs, helping kids from kindergarten to high school stay healthy and build real confidence and leadership skills. 

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