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active8 Your Home: Daily 20 minutes of play for you and the family 

Never before has our world faced a challenge as extraordinary as the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is affected. Everyone is unsure and afraid. Schools are closed. Parents are working from home. Kids are confused.  We all desperately need some semblance of normalcy. We all need to find positive in what seems to be an incredibly difficult time in our lives. Children and adults alike need joy and play now, more than ever. And the folks here at Recess Guardians want to help. 

Recess Guardians is proud to present active8 Your Home, a daily video service that will bring recess right to you! All you have to do is subscribe, and we will send you a video every weekday with a new game idea, as well as a challenge. These games will be simple, good for all ages, and  most importantly, fun!

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Since 2008, Recess Guardians has been serving schools across Canada and transforming recess time. To date, we have reached more than 600 schools and 350,000 students with our unstructured play programs, helping kids from kindergarten to high school stay healthy and build real confidence and leadership skills. 

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